Hello and welcome to St. Paul’s Anglican Church in the Westdale neighbourhood of Hamilton, Ontario.

We are the church with the red doors!


In-person worship 2022

Please join us for Sunday services at 10:30 a.m. Our 8:30 a.m. service will resume in the Fall.

Masks are encouraged.

St. Paul’s Online Services

St. Paul’s is well equipped for worship via digital means (YouTube and Live Stream). 
Visit our YouTube channel for our 2022 Sunday services.

Our Weekly 10:30 am. Service: is usually on YouTube by 4 p.m. Due to occasional issues some services may not be recorded and are not available for viewing.

We pray for the people of Ukraine.

Lord Jesus, the protector of the vulnerable
stretch out your hand over the frightened people of Ukraine.

We pray for those who will be displaced and divided by violence this day.
We pray for those who wait in anxiety to know their future.
Gather them each to other for courage and solidarity.
And just as you appeared to the disciples in the upper room,
offering your deep peace as a bulwark against apprehension,
we urgently ask the same gift for our Ukrainian siblings.

We pray all this, for their sake and in your strong name, Amen.

Jazz Vespers!

St. Paul’s next Jazz Vespers will be on September 11, 2022 at 4 p.m. Masks are encouraged.

No pre-registration necessary at this time.

These short episodes are “tastes” of Jazz Vespers. Enjoy all the Tasters here.