Events Calendar


Save the date of Saturday, October 26!

We’re having a wine tasting event – stay tuned
for more details.

We have changed our monthly calendar system to take advantage of an online option with Google Calendar. On the display below, you can see what’s planned for the current month or scroll ahead to see upcoming events and services. Click on specific dates to see if there are additional details.


10 Responses to Events Calendar

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  2. Barb Walker says:

    What times are the imposition of ashes on Wed.?

    • noelcfraser says:

      There is one service on Ash Wednesday and it starts at 7:00 p.m. It includes imposition of ashes. This service is typically an intimate and meditative one, full of personal and shared meaning.


  3. Barb Walker says:

    Thanks–Barb W.

  4. Sheila Ashcroft-Shupe says:

    We read that there is a blessing of the animals on Sunday September 25. Is this an invitation to everyone. We live in Dundas. Please let me know. We have a little dog ( Wheaton/poodle) and possible a big olde English sheepdog.
    Sheila Ashcroft-Shupe

    • HP says:

      Hello Sheila – Yes, our annual blessing of the animals is open to the community. Both of your dogs are very welcome to join us at the 10:30 am service.

  5. Peter Layard says:

    Looking for a time for Christmas Concert on Dec 10 2017, google calendar freezes with no further info.A reply with the start time would be appreciated..

    • HP says:

      Hello again Peter – sorry for the confusion. The Christmas concert on Sunday, December 10 begins at 6:30 pm and is called “Together Again at Christmas Time”. Tickets are $20 each. The concert features two groups, ‘N-Zanity, and Greater Good Singers. The McMaster Marching Band will also make an appearance.

  6. dave gruggen says:

    hi: how do i get tickets for the Charlie Brown concert and the price?

    • HP says:

      Hi Dave – the Charlie Brown Christmas Vespers does not require a ticket and is a free-will admission. The evening concert tickets can be purchased at the door: $20 or $10 for students and free for those under 12 years of age. Thanks for asking!

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