Feedback for St. Paul’s

St. Paul’s Anglican Church would like to hear from you! Send us your ideas, concerns and comments and a staff member or volunteer will get back to you. Thanks for your time.

1 Response to Feedback for St. Paul’s

  1. Getz W. Jungblut says:

    God bless you and hello from Germany,
    working on the family history I like to ask for helping me.
    On 20. June 1928 my ancestor Leonard Walper Youngblut (spelling could be different like Yungblut a.o.) married Dorothy Wheeler. The person whon solemnizing the marriage was Av. Barclay in Hamilton, vicar of the Church of England.
    Would it be possible to take a look into your marriage record to see for that marriage? I would be interested, if you have luck in finding it, in getting
    a. the original title of the marriage record (sometimes different titels on binding and inlet)
    b. page and registration no. (if given)
    c. original and complete entrance of the marriage.
    If you wouldn’t have luck in finding that entrance maybe you could experience to which anglican church in Hamilton Mr. Ab. Barcley belong in 1928? If you haven’t the time to search I like to visit your office to do the research for myself during my next Ontario visit in June 2014.
    I like to thank you for whatever you can do for me.
    Have a nice weekend and a good Advent season,
    yours sincerely

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