Weekly Eucharistic Services

We have Eucharistic Services each Sunday:

            • 8:30am for a Traditional Service using the Book of Common Prayer
            • 10:30am for a Contemporary Service using the Book of Alternative Services (Baby & Preschool Nursery available)
            • On the first Sunday of the month, we feature a Morning Prayer Service, run by church volunteers which means we do not have a eucharist.
            • To volunteer at the 8:30 Morning Prayer service, please contact Clare at elsaclare@cogeco.ca. To volunteer at the 10:30 Morning Prayer service, please contact Graham at rgrahamh@yahoo.ca or Noel at noel.c.fraser@gmail.com

We also have Open Table on the second Sunday of each month in the homes of parishioners:

      • 5 to 7:00pm Spirituality Group with a potluck dinner. There is no prior spiritual or religious experience necessary. All ages are welcome (a play area will be available in the same room where we meet).

What is it? An alternative way of being together. Those of us who come together around the table create the experience for each other by what we bring with us and the stories we carry, as well as how we listen to each other, to the More in our lives, and to the deepest truest part of ourselves. There is no one at the front to set the agenda. You might call it churchipedia really.

It is participant-driven, consensus-based, community-oriented, soulful, and simple. It is awe-inspiring, awareness-raising, and an informal space for sharing what is most meaningful in our lives and learning from each other. The God of your understanding is experienced and honoured in the presence we offer each other.

The table is set with:

      • a potluck supper
      • each of our experiences and stories, and the listening presence we offer each other
      • many spiritual teachers of various traditions
      • values that are rooted in the life and teachings of Jesus
      • a window into the Jesus story through a variety of lenses – you might experience it through a religious or Christian lens, or from the lens of another background, or from a simply human perspective
      • creative expression and meaningful ritual
      • spiritual practices and meditation
      • support for each other as we care for each other, all of life, and the earth

So the table is set and everyone brings food to share – a potluck for the body and the soul as we each bring what is meaningful to us. As we hold this space for each other, something sacred is born. We move together toward a world of equals in which we value and respect each other and all of life. This is a space of support, community, nourishment, and challenge as we each bring this dream into reality.

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